Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pika Reports output for Spreadsheets

The Google Chrome browser has identified a csv issue (which produces the output when spreadsheet is selected within any Pika report).  The report results are dumped into a browser window instaed of a csv file that spreadsheets use.  Chrome is expecting a fix in the their next release.  

Check here for more info:

Meanwhile, here are some quick instructs for dealing with the output that Chrome produces when spreadsheet is the selected report output.  I know it seems detailed - but it is not so bad and will help if another browser is not available to you. 

1)  Open up Notepad.
2)  Paste the contents of the file into the blank Notepad document.
3)  Select "Save As..." from the File menu.
4)  Change "Save As Type" to "All Files"
5)  Change the filename to "pika.csv"
6)  Save to your Desktop or your My Documents, etc.
7)  Double click on pika.csv, it should open in Excel

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Cindy Wiley said...

Safari web browser displays the results to the screen instead of a downloaded csv file when a Pika Report is selected to Send to Spreadsheet.

Solution: right-mouse click on the report output screen to display a prompt. Select Save Page As. At the next prompt select Format as Page Source and then select where to save the file.