Friday, July 1, 2011

Pika Tips and Tricks

The Challenge:
Keep your web-based applications such as Pika Software CMS always a mouse click away within your Firefox browser without relying upon bookmarks and eliminating the accidental closing of browser tabs.

The Solution:
The newest release of the Firefox v5 browser offers a feature called App Tabs which allows a web-based application such as Pika Software CMS to reside in a browser tab automatically when the browser is opened. App Tabs are small and show only the application's icon so that your tab space is not cluttered.
    • Make sure you are using Firefox v5.  About screen will offer upgrade instructions
        • Windows workstations check by selecting pull-down menu Help, select About Firefox
        • Mac workstations check by selecting pull-down menu Firefox, select About Firefox
    • Open a browser session and open your Pika Software CMS
    • Right Mouse Click on top of the browser tab containing Pika and select "Pin as App Tab"
To Use:
Simply mouse click on Pika tab to login and begin your legal case management activities.  Each time the browser loads Pika is within easy reach.  
Right mouse click on tab to access App Tab options.  

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