Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pika CMS 5.0 is Now Released

If you're subscribed to the Pika CMS mailing list, then you've already heard that our new version, Pika CMS 5.0, is now out. Here's the download link for subscribers:

This release represents a big leap forward in the development of the Pika CMS software. Some of the new features introduced in version 5.0 are not available in any other competing product - only in Pika CMS! Here’s an executive summary of the changes in this release:

* We’ve added a Volunteer Access Module, a separate web site for volunteer attorneys that allows them to submit their case notes and time keeping directly to your Pika system.

* We’ve set up a mobile-enhanced version of Pika CMS that’s optimized for your iPhone or Android smartphone. It gives you fast access to your cases and more while on the go.

* We’ve retired the old, HTTP-based login system and have implemented a brand new login system. The new authentication scheme that adds a ton of new functionality that the old HTTP authentication wasn’t capable of providing.

* We’ve added a new suite of password tools, including visual feedback on the strength of your password, and the ability to require users to use strong passwords.

All this work was directly guided by ideas and requests from our clients. So keep that feedback coming in, it let’s us know where to focus our efforts!

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