Friday, December 17, 2010

Pika Tips and Tricks

The Challenge:
How to remember the correct code number when creating an ad hoc report using Mega Reports. Customizable menus and special tables allow flexibility within Pika, however, remembering the code number that corresponds to a specific LSC Problem is not convenient.

Pika versions prior to v4.0 do not contain the Form Letter Manager within SiteMap.
The Solution:
Pika CMS v4.0 and older, copy the menus and special tables into a Word document and store the document within Pika CMS for ready access. The Pika Administrator completes the following steps:
  • Launch MS Word and open a blank document
  • Open a specific Pika Menu from Menus and Special Tables within Site Map. For example, problem_2008.
  • Select Switch to Classic Mode.
  • Copy the entire menu list using your mouse to select all or use the Edit pull-down menu to Select All. Then right mouse click and select to Copy or use the Edit pull-down menu to select Copy.
  • Paste into MS Word by placing cursor in open blank document, right mouse click and select Paste or use the Edit pull-down menu to select Paste.
  • Select to save the MS Word document.
  • Login to Pika CMS and create a folder named “Menus” using Form Letter Manager under System Screens within the Site Map.
  • Select the newly created folder and click on Choose File button under Upload a Form. Locate the newly saved MS Word document, add a description of file, click on Add File Button.
To Use:
  • Prior to starting a Mega Report open any case, select Documents tab, select Menus from Document Assembly.
  • Click on the appropriate document and click Make New Doc button.
  • Download and open the MS word document.
  • Proceed to Mega Report and complete ad hoc reporting using the open MS word document as a visual cheat sheet.

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