Monday, March 1, 2010

Pika CMS 4.10 Released

Greetings Pika Community,

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Pika CMS 4.10
for general release. Those of you with Pika subscriptions can download the software from:

Here is a brief list of the new features added for this release (a
more complete listing is available in changelog.txt included in the release).
  • Added Report Security by Report by Group Security
  • Added new Error Reporting system and restored and updated trigger error screen.
  • Added Case Tab Manager and upgrade scripts.
  • Added System Maintenance screen (Update Metaphones and Client Age).
  • Added RSS Feed manager which allows RSS feeds to be displayed on the Pika Home screen.
  • Reviewed and updated all template plugins.
  • Updated setFunding lookup for activity records - now based off ajax case-lookup service.
  • Pika Megareport can now be saved.
  • Updated Pro Bono Attorney Screens and fixed issues with search and sorting.
  • Added parameters section to report template to specify the parameters that the report is running.
  • Updated Search Notes section with sorting and paging.
  • Updated User Account management screen - added filtering, sorting, searching.
These updates were funded by the subscription dues paid by Pika clients. Thank you for your continued support!

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