Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on Google Chrome

I have been using the Google Chrome web browser beta for a couple months now. It's still in beta so I wouldn't recommend it for widespread rollout. But it seems to be fast, stable, and has some features that might be of interest to the Pika CMS community.

One nifty thing is its ability to set up Start Menu, Desktop, and Quick Launch shortcuts for a web application. It's a quick and simple, and I've written up a walkthrough over at Pika Docs. Another nice feature is it runs every open page in it's own "sandbox", so in theory if a video (for example) crashes the browser, your Pika CMS session in the other tab will not be affected.

Does anyone else have thoughts on Chrome?

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Anonymous said...

I think you hit on the two features that make Chrome shine: It loads pages very fast, and the "sandbox" effect on tab windows. The speed gains in Chrome are especially helpful on pages with heavy doses of javascripting. Which is why I use it when I am working a lot in Gmail and Google Docs. Although I have the impression that the next iteration of Firefox is expected to match the scripting speed gains of Chrome.